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We Deliver the Best in Class Traceability Solution for the Protein Industry

A one-of-a-kind comprehensive management solution covering every phase from genetics to finished product development.

MTech Systems traceability solutions
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Tracking from nutrition and genetic breeding up to the packaged product.

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Traceability solutions that grow along with your business areas.

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Single Source

No more confusion, duplicate entries, or disconnected data sets.

Keep every phase traceable

The production information modules of the MTech solution cover every phase from genetic development, parent breeding, nutrition and feeding, progeny growout, processing, and all additional points in the full production supply chain. No activity related to production is excluded.

MTech Traceability
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Traceability starting from Day One

Receiving and Placing with full source information on every day-old chick, poult, sow, or gilts on the farm starts the animal production tracking.

Traceability 2

Follow inventory wherever the products may go

Following production products that leave the farm and arrive at hatcheries, nurseries, and other handling facilities creates the dynamic link from farms to all company locations.

Traceability 3

Life of Flock detail available at any stage

Tracking animal movements not only is essential for life-of-flock reporting, it is essential for bio-security and traceability for many different objectives. One transaction handles all the source credits and destination debits.

Traceability 4

Tell the whole story

Embed lab testing details and other animal health information right along with performance and cost.

Real Farm to Fork Traceability Software Solutions

We understand the importance of traceability and how complicated it can turn without proper guidance. Let’s talk about your challenges and find the best solution for your business.

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With hundreds of global leaders in live animal production and processing influencing our systems growth, there is no area in your business we cannot improve with our solutions.