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Your ERP and MTech in Perfect Coexistence

As the central warehouse of all production and costing detail, the MTech solution features a point and click integration engine that simplifies getting data to and from all external data sources.

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Seamless integration that results in a single point-of-entry across your entire data universe

While the MTech solutions cover nearly every aspect of performance, costing and planning, we know external systems have significant roles to play in your organization. We seek to ensure that every data point is entered only once, and that it is available in every system of every user in the business.

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Guided Interfacing

With simple access to exposed tables and function classes, the interface engine serves as a road map helping you reach your destination without needing to know the entire database.

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Protects and Serves

The built-in layers of import validation ensure nothing makes it to the database that could endanger the data integrity.

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The embedded scheduling service allows the interfaces to manage themselves, and notify users if there are any errors processing external records.

MTech and your ERP in perfect coexistence

Internal mapping table to link MTech accounts to the various ERP ledgers, streamlining the translation of accounts, product codes, cost centers with MTech serving as the production sub-ledger. Journals are moved seamlessly between the ERP and the Production system even if recorded at different levels of granularity

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Interface validation

Leverage a single-point interface logging system that identifies successful interfaces

On any unsuccessful import, the log identifies the exact record and what variable is creating an error. Exports created via web services or direct database link also log results in the central interface management screen.

Interface Wizard

The wizard-driven interface builder simplifies the development effort showing all required tables and variables to create a valid job. The embedded data translation tool, including SQL builder, assists with creation of valid data points when the source import file may be missing a critical piece.


Over 20 Years Integrating Innovative Solutions for the Industry

Contact an agent today and discover why over 100 leading protein producers around the world support their daily operations on perfectly integrated ERPs and MTech modules.