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Live Protein Production Planning

Precise forecasting, scheduling, and optimized supply chain management tools to achieve company goals.

MTech Systems proteing production planning solutions

Comprehensive and Precise Planning Tools

Our planning solutions use your history and targets to optimize all schedules for day-old animal procurement, feed delivery, product transport, finished animal harvest, packaged goods production, and all points in between.

Plan and Thrive

By leveraging existing history and attributes in the application, the planning modules ensure all stages integrate into a viable and profitable plan.

Consider all Options

Running multiple scenarios side by side allows the planning solutions to make key decisions in order to achieve the company objectives.

Optimized Supply Chain

Predict the best schedule of product development and movement while considering all constraints and resource obstacles using an exclusive optimization engine.

Long term plans become short term execution

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Easily create full resource analysis results

As unconstrained supply chains do not exist in the live protein world, the system allows you to analyze how each production scenario will fit with the company physical resources and its financial impact is paramount.

Get precise and reliable scheduling tools

Self-correcting schedules based on most recent animal performance ensure precision and identify shortfalls of product and deviations from targets.

Leave no variables out of the equation

Include all components of a schedule such as freight to optimize each day of production.

Keep on track with smart orders and schedules

As feed ingredients make up much of your production investment, knowing when to purchase is a make-or-break decision. The embedded Feed MRP functions guarantee you have the materials needed at the right time and cost.

Analyze animal performance based on your historical

While genetics suppliers can tell you how their products should perform, live animals react very differently in various environments. We create standard breeding performance curves using the history of your production chain to match this variable.

Over 20 Years Delivering Innovative Planning Solutions for the Industry

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