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The Innovative Platform for Connecting Farms

Bring your houses online with the latest technologies in the industry. It's easier than you think.

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Covering all Angles

Three Cutting-Edge Technologies

Internet of Things

Automated and real-time collection of barn data with plug-n-play devices and software.

Big Data

Access the extreme value hidden in all the information constantly being generated in your barns daily, including environment, consumption, and animal health indicators.

Artificial Intelligence

Once you tap into the real-time data, our Machine Learning models will find hidden correlations, predict performance and prescribe optimum management practices.

Mobile App

Stay constantly connected to each barn and let the software alert you to trouble.

Web Portal

Combine all barns into a single intelligence platform for diagnosing trends and benchmarking farm performance.


Combine the daily automated data with the vast information you already collect in the flock management and planning suite from MTech.

Seamlessly packaged in user-focused intuitive solutions

Three Key Components to Ensure Optimal Results

A solution for each person in the supply-chain, from farmers to managers to planners.

Focus on the Farms that need the most attention

Sonar Mobile App

Designed to keep service techs and farmers always in the know about each house.

Uncover the hidden moments in the flock life that impact the final results.

Sonar serves as a constant watch on the barns and lets your resources know before it's too late to act.

Analyze and optimize the barns

Sonar Web Portal

Sonar Web Portal brings all your farms and barns together in a single analytics platform. Easily see trends across farms, benchmark performance and adjust your service routines to better impact the overall production performance.

Daily Values Sent to Protein


Combine critical data from the IoT solution with the variety of flock variables and attributes managed in Protein, allowing delivery scheduling, harvest forecasts and performance predictions to improve your total production planning.


Hear from a grower benefitting today from Sonar

Dwayne Grimes has changed his performance with the analytics and alerts on his mobile phone. Watch the full testimonial by clicking below.

Ready to Modernize your Farm?

Our specialists will help you build the best plan for your business.

Echo Hardware Package

Echo is a series of sensors from Munters designed to work with Sonar out-of-the-box and create the perfect automated solution for in-barn monitoring.

Echo sensors, by Munters

Easy to Install

Not all of your current farm equipment is capable of communicating. Echo is designed as a separate circuit of gauges and sensors built to the exact specifications of the MTech Sonar IoT platform.

Wireless and Reliable

Our Mesh network design ensures that data is always delivered to Sonar even if a single gauge or access point in a house is disconnected.

Isolated Circuit

Echo connects directly to the MTech IoT hub over your internet connection without interfering with any other controls in the barn.

Echo sensors, by Munters

Sonar is also compatible with multiple controller brands, like ROTEM

Contact us today to discuss your current equipment brands and determine compatibility.

Sonar Mobile App Quick Tour

Sonar Web Portal Quick Tour

MTech Sonar: Grimes Farm Testimonial

SonarEcho Infrastructure and Data Flow Diagram