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The System of Choice for Top Protein Producers

MTech Systems Protein is the enterprise-level solution for modern protein production companies

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Dynamic and Configurable

Combine all the best features of graphical analysis and data aggregation with editable spreadsheet forms.

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World-class solution

Multi-currency and currently supporting over seven languages.

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Powerful Reporting tools

Access a portfolio of industry-standard graphical reporting or use the comprehensive report development tool to design your own.

Optimize production

Optimize production schedules

Allow for schedule changes to be easily evaluated for their impact on the whole business by viewing through the familiar calendar view mode. Simply drag and drop a scheduled event to see the changes in animal weight, mortality, and other attributes.



Monitor flock and farm status or health attributes using the embedded Google maps plugin. Communicate bio-security issues to farms and field resources based on their geographic location.

Gantt charts

Access powerful Gantt charts

Evaluate all production plans down to the details by identifying task assignments and conflicts or capacity limitations for crews, machines, and vehicles. Quickly determine the impact on the complete supply-chain if any resource becomes unavailable

Advanced information management for modern protein producers

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