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Production Planning Optimizer

Applying Artificial Intelligence to Daily Production Planning

Streamline your plant activities to ensure the most profitable and efficient disassembly process and finished product packaging.

A Smarter Solution

Adaptive Software that Improves Over Time

Demand Fulfillment

Easily manage changes in the market that directly affect your product mix. Produce what you can sell.

Improve Yield

Make the most out of your facilities and resources to get the best results while reducing waste and saving money.

Accurate Workflow

Realign people and capacities daily to eliminate bottlenecks and increase throughput.

Map the Bird Yield Tree

Convert Live Bird Forecast into the components and parts required for SKUs.

Chrono-Analyze Product Flows

Reviews all the machines and human resources needed to produce each end product.

Multiple Time Horizons

Get precise short term plans or provide bird demand to live-ops for long term planning.

Distribute House Averages

Utilize overhead weighing history to develop a bell curve for each house to match carcass demand.

A complete Bill of Materials

System considers not only the meat products but also packaging and add-ons required.

The PPO knows the factors that impact results

Based on years of processing experience

Animal Bell Curves, quality, machine issues, sales promotions. Let the Machine Learning take on the heavy lifting.

Increase your strike rate, eliminate waste and improve profit