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The Ultimate Egg Inventory Tracking App

Manage everything from your mobile device; receipts, regrades, repacks, transfers.

MTech Nucleus
Scan barcode

Scan and Sync

No more manual data capture, simply scan your barcodes and let the app sync all your data instantly.

Hatchery Database

Enhanced Flow

Receive, Regrade, and Repack without worrying about losing valuable data.


Convenient Control

Manage purchases, transfers, and shipments of your inventory all at once by checking them on a mobile device.

Nucleus screenshots

Allow your business potential to hatch out

Monitor all requirements of the hatchery within Nucleus: Receiving, Repacking, Sets, Egg Transfers, Shipments, Machine Transfers, and Disposals.

Switch to dynamic and paperless solutions for your hatchery control

Nucleus is designed to better track inventory and expedite data capture by easily scanning either single or multiple barcodes. Each code is scanned and then automatically synchronized with MTech’s database.

loaded egg buggies closeup