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Transform Your Data Into Actionable Intelligence

The Protein Industry's Only Turn-key Business Intelligence Dashboard Solution— Gain insight and find improvement opportunities out of the box

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The D-A-R Methodology

Applying the analytics best practices directly to your production, planning and costing data


Out-of-the-box dynamic visualizations for reviewing key performance indicators through the whole supply-chain


Deep investigative tools allow you to find the correlations and causes of performance issues


Drill down to the numbers that create the visual stories and share the findings with the business to focus on the solutions

Versatile Charts

The human mind can understand graphical data infinitely faster than just raw numbers. Optimize your analytical prowess.

Power Pivot Tables

Eliminate the data points that aren't directly related to the issue you are investigating.

Trending Functionality

Identify variations in performance based on geography. Route your resources to the areas that need assistance most.

Alternate Measures and Dimensions Functionality

“Easily compare regions, farms, and machines by focusing on the problem facilities. The darker the square, the worse the performance.

Changing the Way you review data

Innovative Features that improve every user's data literacy. Easily grasp the story the data is telling.

Covering Every Phase of Production

Standard Industry Dashboards covering every phase of production

Analyze and Optimize Egg Production

Breeder Analytics

Full set of dashboards, analytics and reports focused on pullet and breeder farms across dimensions such as breed, geography, nutrition and management.

Analyze and Optimize Incubation

Hatchery Analytics

Full set of dashboards, analytics and reports focused on egg movements from receiving, through incubation and all the way to hatching of day olds.

Analyze and Optimize Finishing


Full set of dashboards, analytics and reports focused on growing the animals and delivering to processing a perfect product.

Analyze and Optimize Nutrition

Feed Mill Analytics

Full set of dashboards, analytics and reports focused on ingredients and finished feed, ensuring efficient use of raw materials and tracking performance into the barns.

How Axis Works

The Solution leverages all the data you already collect in Protein. We re-dimension this data nightly to fit into our Dashboard-Analytics-Report design for powerful output ready out-of-the-box.

Start managing your business at the speed of information

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MTech Axis: Versatile Charts

MTech Axis: Power Pivot Tables

MTech Axis: Trending Functionality

MTech Axis: Alternate Measures and Dimensions Functionality