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Production Planning Optimizer

Integrate the Reinforcement Learning technology to identify the most profitable plan for your production chain and meet your market's demands.

Production Planning Optimizer
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Demands Fulfillment

Keep track of how the market flow will impact your production yield and schedule.

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Improve Yield

Make the most out of your facilities and resources to get the best results while reducing waste and saving money.

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Accurate Workflow

Define the best production agenda for the day depending on the received animals.

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Production Planning

Create, analyze, and adjust multiple production plans for your lines in just a few minutes.

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Simulate before executing

Generate multiple production planning scenarios considering all of your business rules and data to find the best production plan.

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Demands Fulfillment Results

Easily chart to analyze demand requirements versus received live animals.

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Animal Bell Curve Results

Find the exact distribution of the received live animals based on both live animal weight and clean carcass weight.

Based on the Reinforcement Learning technology, PPO is a powerful engine, still fast and easy to use.

Competitive advantage for top performing animal protein producers

Detect and analyze production bottlenecks.

Simulate any structure upgrade beforehand.

Forecast how many animals are required to effectively meet the market demand.

Make use of bell-curve histograms to identify the received live animals.

Simulate and compare different scenarios to find new possibilities to improve the production yield.

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